The Green Room, a new era

Joe Heissan, First Vice-President of the DTSA and editor of The Green Room, the DTSA newsletter, is launching a new era for this student publication.

The new version of The Green Room will probably be more oriented towards student, alumni and faculty news, events and activities (from the program and from outside of it), opinion pieces, and some elements of general information. It is still a change on the making and any input is appreciated.

We feel that during the last years The Green Room became a bit burdensome and included some information that we can now shift to the Student bios section of the DTSA website.

The new era of The Green Room wants to provide a more dynamic publication, with more options for short contributions written by students and other people related to the program. Can’t wait to get the first issue!



  • September 7, 2009 – Theatre Outings, Sign up soon!

Our first theatre outing for the semester will be to see LIPSYNCH, directed by Robert Lepage, at the Brooklyn Academy of Music on Saturday, October 3rd, 2009. This is an 8 1/2 hour all-day/night event.  (I believe there are 4 intermissions, plus a dinner break.)  Tickets are (tentatively) $36.  I have placed a sign-up sheet in the Green Room.  Please write down your name, ideally by Friday, September 4th, if you would like to attend.

  • September 7, 2009 – Suggestions for Curriculum and Professionalization Reps

Send your suggestions for new courses to Christopher Silsby at dtsa.silsby@gmail.com

Send your suggestions for professionalization activities to Julia Goldstein at goldstein.julia@gmail.com

  • September 10, 2009 – DTSA Office Hours

Do you want to talk to a DTSA board member in person and never run into one? Questions, requests, complaints? Come, we are waiting for you!

Thursday 2:00-5:00 pm, Annex

  • All Week! – DTSA Website launch and Printing at the Theatre Department Green Room

Check the DTSA Calendar at http://opencuny.org/calendar or at the end of every page on the DTSA website. It is a Google Calendar, so if you are a Google Calendar user you can add all the events to your own personal calendar with just a click.

Please note that the paper supply for the printer in the Green Room does not refill automatically. Please call IT at 7300 if you start the last rim of paper. Note that you cannot print from the Mac computer unless you are logged in (it does not print if you log in as a guest). Also, if you need to print a large number of pages it is better to use the printing facilities at the library. They can now handle printing quite well.

Upcoming Events

(Check the Calendar)

  • September 10, 2:00-5:00 pm: DTSA Office Hours (Annex to the Green Room)
  • September 17, 4:15-6:15 pm. Demystifying the Handbook 1: First Exam This session will include a breakdown of the format of the written and oral sections of the first exam, insight from professors about what is expected of a student taking the exam, and recommen–dations from students about how to prepare. Julia Goldstein hosts, with Profs. Judith Milhous and David Savran. Place: Theatre Department, Green Room.