What is DTSA News?

A weekly update for the Graduate Center Theatre PhD community. It displays program- and student-related news and events. It is generally prepared during the DTSA Office Hours on Thursdays 2:00-5:00 pm. Please, send before Thursdays any information to be included. Send to: dtsamail@gmail.com



  • August 27, 2009 – Beginning-of-the-year Party

Plenty of shrimp, wine and sodas flowing in streams, and lots of nice people to chat! Oh, yeah… some important announcements such as the new Professionalization activities! We are off to a good start.

  • September 3, 2009 – DTSA Office Hours

Do you want to talk to a DTSA board member in person and never run into one? Questions, requests, complaints? Come, we are waiting for you!

Thursday 2:00-5:00 pm, Annex

  • All Week! – DTSA Website launch

Oh, gosh! Where did I put all the handouts Lynette sent with the deadlines? What can I do to get ready for my Language Exam? I get his emails, but… what does Boris look like? Is there anyone in the program into Japanese anime? Go to the Website!!!

The website can only improve with your comments and requests. Please, send your input to dtsamail@gmail.com

Upcoming Events

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  • September 3, 2:00-5:00 pm: DTSA Office Hours (Annex to the Green Room)
  • September 17, 4:15-6:15 pm. Demystifying the Handbook 1: First Exam This session will include a breakdown of the format of the written and oral sections of the first exam, insight from professors about what is expected of a student taking the exam, and recommen–dations from students about how to prepare. Julia Goldstein hosts, with Profs. Judith Milhous and David Savran. Place: Theatre Department, Green Room.