Timeline of American Environmentalism and Car Culture
Timeline of American Environmentalism and Car Culture

A work in progress, I created this timeline as a research aid and data storage tool. It lists what I understand to be key events in the development of American environmentalism, car culture and related policy, and of course some of the ads you will find on this blog. It is my hope that the ads will serve as cultural and visual markers whereby it is made more apparent they way the auto industry engages with the environmental movement by confusing consumer perceptions of nature and the role of automobiles in environmental degradation.

As the discourse unfolds and my research deepens, I will continue to populate this timeline with various media. It will serve as an a [linear] companion to this blog. It also foreshadows the additional software containing supplemental information that I will include at a later date. My hope is to provide you with multiple ways of engaging with this historical information, my literature base and visual data so as to sparking interesting conversation between us.

Any mistakes on this timeline are completely unintentional. If you happen to note a glaring omission or mistake, please do let me know. If you have a reliable or helpful source that you think I should refer to, please do not hesitate to send me the information to thinkfeelgrow@gmail.com.


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