This blog will host excerpts from the data for my study Manufacturing Nature: Myths of Nature in National Geographic Car Advertisements. For more about my study, please visit the ‘About’ page. Given my narrow focus, most posts will contain ‘nature-based’ car advertisements scanned from National Geographic Magazine. This means that car ads expressing different ideologies will NOT be posted to this website, only those ads which contain elements of what we popularly call ‘nature’ will be included. Over the course of the posts you will come to understand just what I mean.

Given the specificity of my study, the posts will follow a general format. I will note the National Geographic Magazine volume and issue numbers, there will be a full size color scan of the ad, and brief ideas about the myth of ‘nature’ conveyed in the ad. Over time, I will use less text as I incorporate different software to allow me to visually indicate the things I notice in the ads, instead of reinterpreting them with lots of text.  In the meantime for you, the quickest read of the ads will be available through the tag cloud. Through the tag cloud you are able to click the theme of interest and the blog will sort the ads which have been tagged accordingly.

I welcome your feedback and any ideas that you may have about the ads, from how convincing an ad it is, and why, to the main impressions you have when viewing these ads (despite them being abstracted from the actual National Geographic Magazines).


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