Andrew is a PhD student in History at CUNY Graduate Center.
He graduated with honors from the New School for Social Research with a MA in Liberal Studies in 2012. His MA thesis, Libertinage Érudit and Pierre Bayle’s Various Thoughts on the Comet (1682), demonstrates the manner in which Bayle’s first major text straddles the methods and thought of the Renaissance and the Enlightenment. This essay highlights the importance of Libertinage Érudit in Bayle’s earliest work and critique’s Jonathan Israel’s remarks in Radical Enlightenment that minimize the role Libertinage plays in his conception of the Enlightenment.
He has worked as a Research Assistant on Project Continua/Female Biography Project, comparing Mary Hays’ articles with source materials from Bayle’s Historical and Critical Dictionary and making materials available to other researchers.
He has worked as Teaching Assistant under Jim Miller at the New School for Social Research in the course Modernity and Its Discontents.

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