For Wednesday 3.28

Bring your copy of Howl to class, with the poems Howl” and “Supermarket in California” annotated, and bring your copy of Whitman’s “Song of Myself.” 

Annotations: in order to get credit for this part of your annotation assignment, your annotations should include:

  1. Three things that you have looked up, such as literary references, historical detail, or terms/vocabulary.
  2. Three places where you see a connection between Ginsberg’s poem and Whitman’s “Song of Myself.”
  3. Three personal reactions–interested, surprised, confused, disgusted, curious, etc. Give a little bit of detail about your reaction.
  4. One ambiguity in the text, where you feel uncertain how you should or want to interpret it.


Author: alarsson

Anna-Alexis Larsson is a doctoral student of Rhetoric and Writing Studies at the CUNY Graduate Center. Her dissertation revisits the ideas and archived correspondence of the late anthropologist and communication theorist, Gregory Bateson, to explore pedagogy in relation to embodiment and ecology. She teaches at Queens College.