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The Poetics Group – administration etc.

We’re number four.

Thanks to all of you who took a moment to electronically sign our membership roster. We easily reached the quota that was required in order to keep our funding from the Doctoral Students Council, which means we are able to provide honoraria when we invite speakers, buy drinks and snacks, and save up for a rainy day.

We didn’t just meet the requirements, in fact: out of 32 groups, we were tied for fourth place in terms of support (alongside the Social and Political Theory Students Association and the Twentieth Century Studies Group).

Support Poetics via Electronic Roster

Hello Poetics members. In order to maintain active status as a GC Doctoral Students’ Council Chartered Organization (and to receive DSC funding), each semester we have to document our membership via this online ballot system. (This is a new system; previously, it was done by having members sign a paper roster.)

If you are a student at the Graduate Center, please use the link below to login and “vote for” the GC Poetics Group. You need to have a GC student number to login to the system, so if you are not a GC student, we appreciate your interest and support, but you don’t need to bother with this.

By the way, you can “vote for” as many organizations as you like; this is not an either/or situation, just an indication that you think our group is worthy of support.

Link to Chartered Organizations Electronic Rosters:


And so we meet again.

The GC Poetics Group had an open meeting tonight, 9/11, at the Graduate Center, the first of the fall semester. There were a dozen members in attendance, a bottle of wine and some crackers were dispatched, and a long list of exciting upcoming events was discussed.

It was agreed, as well, that this blog space should be opened up to the group membership in general for announcements, suggestions, musings, debates, or even poetry. If you have something you want to add, you can do so yourself – just write to us ( and we’ll set you up with a blog user account.

First meeting for 2009

Welcome to the Poetics Group website, newly invented as of a few minutes ago. The website’s plan is to gradually expand to include information about the past, present, and future activities of the Poetics Group, and other postings of interest to the community.

For now, the important thing to note is our upcoming meeting, on Tuesday, Feb. 3rd. We will get together in the Thesis Room, just off the English Department Lounge (room 4406) at the Graduate Center, at 5 pm. Leah and Corey, current Poetics Group co-chairpersons, will be there, along with other regular persons, and anyone who is interested, whether GC student, faculty, or non-GC entity, is welcome to attend. We will unveil (discuss) the Spring event calendar and talk about possibilities for other undertakings. Then we will migrate to a local pub and carouse.