Part of the work of this project is educating each other about what’s going on and what we can do about it. Below, we’ve begun collecting and organizing resources that highlight recent scientific findings related to how climate change and global warming may affect NYC, as well as articles highlighting how other locales are or are thinking about addressing similar concerns.

The State of Affairs

OCT 24, 2017: Scientists predict NYC could see bad flooding every 5 years due to global warming, NY Daily News, The Associate Press.
“Within the next three decades, floods that used to strike the New York City area only once every 500 years could occur every five years, according to a new scientific study released just days before the fifth anniversary of Superstorm Sandy.”

OCT 24, 2017: NYC Can Expect More Frequent Sandy-Level Storms In The Future, Study Says, Gothamist, By Rebecca Fishbein
“With New York City still recovering from damage sustained during Hurricane Sandy five years later, a new report predicts the city can expect quite a few more devastating hurricanes in the future thanks to warming in Antarctica, and other effects of climate change.”

OCT 27, 2017: Trump administration sits isolated on multiple climate fronts, Weekly Climate Review
“Just 10 days away from the U.N.’s 2017 climate summit in Bonn, Germany, U.S. President Donald Trump sits more isolated than ever from a world increasingly committed to fight global warming.”

Seeking Sustainable Solutions

JUNE 15, 2017: The Dutch Have Solutions to Rising Seas. The World Is Watching. NYTimes

OCT 2, 2017: 12 Innovative Post-Sandy Projects Built to Withstand Future Storms, DNAInfo, By Amy Zimmer
“As sea level rise increases the impact severe storms like Superstorm Sandy have on New York, the city’s architects are designing buildings that are more resilient than even building codes require.”

SEPT 19, 2017: Chicago is Taking the Charge on Climate, Medium, Chicago Mayor’s Office: The Office of Mayor Rahm Emanuel
Climate change is real. On Monday, Mayor Emanuel met mayors and urban leaders from around the world at the C40 Cities Talks in New York, where he announced Chicago would host the first North American Climate Summit and the C40 Bloomberg Philanthropies Awards on December 4–5.

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