What is the DTSA?

The Doctoral Theatre Students’ Association (DTSA) comprises ALL of the students enrolled in the Ph.D. Program in Theatre at the Graduate Center, CUNY. Ten DTSA officers are elected each spring and operate under the auspices of the Doctoral Students’ Council as per the DTSA Constitution ratified by program students.  The board schedules and organizes activities throughout the year and also advocates on behalf of students with the program’s leadership and the GC administration.  Additional information about the role of the DTSA within the Theatre Program may be found here.

DTSA Board, 2016–17
President: Jennifer Thompson
First Vice President (Theatre Outings / The Green Room Newsletter): Phoebe Rumsey
Second Vice President (Booth Award): Elyse Singer
Secretary-Treasurer: Hansol Oh
Professionalization Committee Rep: Margit Edwards
Admissions & Awards Committee Rep: Sarah Lucie
Curriculum & Exams Committee Rep: Joseph Paul Hill
DSC Program Representative: Janet Werther
Graduate Council Representative and Alumni Engagement: Jared Pike
Digital Initiatives Officer: Kalle Westerling

Learn more about the DTSA:

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