Peace Accords and Transitional Justice in Colombia


We will hold a talk on transitional justice in Colombia with international panelists. These experts will participate through virtual means and will each give their perspective about the recently approved transitional justice law in Colombia. Given that this part of the Peace Agreements is the glue holding the entire process together, the CSG seeks to open a discussion among experts, students, and community member regarding the future of the peace accords reached in Havana with the FARC.


Juanita Goebertus, Institute for Integrated Transitions

Hobeth Martínez, DeJusticia

Camilo Vargas, Misión de Observación Electoral

Jomary Ortegón, Colectivo de Abogados José Alvear Restrepo

Race, Gender and Peace in Colombia


Social issues in Colombia are thoroughly discussed at the GC-CUNY!

Our speaker is Charo Mina Rojas from Black Communities’ Process. Her work focuses on defense of collective human rights of Afro-descendant People, particularly Afro-descendant women in Colombia, including their rights to equality and self-determination as well as the protection of Afro-descendant ancestral territories.

During Colombia’s peace negotiations, she worked with the Ethnic Commission for Peace and Defense of Territorial Rights to ensure inclusion of Afro-Colombian and Indigenous communities. As a result of their advocacy, the peace agreement between the FARC and Colombian government includes a landmark “Ethnic Chapter”, containing protections for collective and individual human rights of Indigenous and Afro-Colombian Peoples.

Charo is now a member of the Special High Level Body for Ethnic Peoples, and is working to ensure the Colombian Government’s peace implementation plan fully adheres to the provisions of the Ethnic Chapter and other relevant provisions of the Peace Accord, including its gender rights protections.

We hope you can join us and please feel free to spread the word.