Bryce B. DuBois, Ph.D.

History, Philosophy and Social Sciences Concentration
Rhode Island School of Design
2 College Street
Providence, RI 02903
(413) 717-0220


Ph.D., The Graduate Center at the City University of New York, Department of Psychology, 2016.

Major Field: Environmental Psychology
Subfields: Political Ecology, Environmental Sociology, Environmental Anthropology

M.A., The Graduate Center at the City University of New York, Environmental Psychology, 2012.

M.A., University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, Clinical Psychology, 2009.

B.A., Salve Regina University, Department of Psychology, 2005

Pell Scholar Honors Graduate, Cum Laude


2017 –              Lecturer, History, Philosophy and Social Sciences Concentration, Rhode Island School of Design

2017                Visiting Assistant Professor, Psychology Department. Providence College.

2016 – 2017     Post-Doctoral Associate, Department of Natural Resources, Cornell University.

2013 – 2016     Extension Associate, Department of Natural Resources, Cornell University.

2013                Adjunct Faculty, Children and Youth Studies Program, Department of Sociology, Brooklyn College,

2012                Adjunct Faculty, Department of Psychology, John Jay College.



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People, Parks and Public Space. Rhode Island School of Design

Interpreting the Socioecology of Narragansett Bay. Rhode Island School of Design.

Environmental Psychology. Rhode Island School of Design

Research Methods and Statistics + Lab. Providence College

Health Psychology. Providence College

Social Psychology. John Jay College

Children of New York. Brooklyn College


2014 – present.           Totten Fellow, New York City Urban Field Station, United States Forest                                           Service.

2011 – 2012                Research Assistant Fellowship, Environmental Psychology Subprogram,                                        The Graduate Center at CUNY


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Reviewer, Ecology and Society, The International Journal of E-Planning Research (IJEPR), Environmental Education Research

Co-Organizer, Climate Change and Environmental Education: Framing Perspectives Workshop, New York University, EE Capacity, New York, NY, June 3, 2014

Co-Organizer, 10-13th Annual Nature, Ecology & Society Colloquium. CUNY Graduate Center, Environmental Psychology, New York, March 2011-2014

Student Member, Events Committee, Environmental Psychology Program, CUNY, 2010-present

Student Member, Program Restructuring Committee, Environmental Psychology Program, CUNY, 2010-present


When not doing fieldwork, teaching, or writing I enjoy surfing, skiing, climbing, fly-fishing with my father, playing pickup soccer, trail running, riding my bike and learning how to build bikes from my nephew Richard. I am a volunteer soccer coach and tutor with Project Goal and member of the Seekonk River Revitalization Alliance. I also enjoy learning how to make tamales and other family recipes from my wife and mother in-law, and learning new baking recipes from my mom. And I am constantly trying to improve my conversational Spanish.