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Vote for the 2012-13 OpenCUNY Board

April 4, 2012 in OpenCUNY Board

Voting is now open for the 2012-13 OpenCUNY Board (until May 1st @ 12:01AM). The board consists of the two OpenCUNY Coordinators and four elected OpenCUNY participants.


The primary task of the OpenCUNY Board will be to continue development of the Terms of Participation that defines’s governance policy and any other policies deemed appropriate by the board.

The election of the board is being facilitated by the DSC and only student members of OpenCUNY are eligible to vote. To vote, log in to the DSC election site and look for the “OpenCUNY Board” section at the bottom of your ballot. If you have any questions, or experience any problems voting, please get in touch with me or Maggie.


The 2012-13 OpenCUNY Board Nominees:

  • Reethee Antony (a.k.a. rantony)
    Program: Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences
    Statement: I use the digital media to create a hearing aid simulator ( ), and to create website ( ). Currently, I serve on the Student Tech Fee Committee, Graduate Center, CUNY. This experience has enhanced my administrative knowledge in digital media to a great extent. I hope to further extend my current knowledge by serving as an OpenCuny board member and by contributing to the management of the digital media. 
  • John Boy (a.k.a jboy)
    Program: Sociology
    Statement: John is a doctoral candidate in sociology working on religion and social theory. He’s been building web sites since his early teens and has been a free-software advocate for almost as long. He is one of the creators of Occuprint []. He is also a contributing editor to The Immanent Frame [], the Social Science Research Council’s award-winning blog on religion, secularism and the public sphere.
  • Maria Garcia (n/a)
    Program: Not submitted
    Statement: Not submitted
  • Julia Goldstein (n/a)
    Program: Not submitted
    Statement: Not submitted
  • Kiersten Greene (a.k.a. kgreene)
    Program: Urban Education
    Statement: As a student who typed her college applications on a typewriter, I have found OpenCUNY to be a particularly edifying resource at a time when the internet has (literally) changed everything. My participation in the medium includes blogging at, devising a digital education tool at, and helping revise the guidelines as a member of the Board. If elected again, I would be committed to working toward furthering the reach of this unique channel of digital communication.
  • Keith Miyake (a.k.a. kmiyake)
    Program: Earth and Environmental Science/Geography
    Statement: As a member of the inaugural OpenCUNY Board, I contributed in drafting the current Terms of Participation. This gave me a better appreciation for the importance and spirit of open source collaboration. I hope to continue my work on the Board to implement and promote the use of open source technologies since their foundations—based on contributing, collaborating, and sharing—relate to our collective work as academics, educators, and learners.
  • Christina Nadler (a.k.a chrissy)
    Program: Sociology
    Statement: I would like to be on the opencuny board because I use opencuny for my own sites (,, but I also use other opencuny sites and would like to be more invested in the community. I am still learning a lot about technology so I will be able to bring a perspective with some level of expertise, but hopefully also one that can speak to the varying levels of expertise of opencuny users.  
  • Jennifer Pipitone (a.k.a. jpipitone)
    Program: Environmental Psychology
    Statement: I am honored to be nominated for the OpenCUNY Board. I have experience in web development as blog manager for the Nature, Ecology, and Society Colloquium ( and am constructing a new website for the Children’s Environments Research Group, which is launching next month. I also have experience and very much enjoy representing students and handling governance issues as I’m currently serving my second year on both the Executive and Admissions Committee in my subprogram.
  • Patricia Stapleton (a.k.a. pstapleton)
    Program: Political Science
    Statement: I am currently the DSC Steering Officer for Technology and Library. I would like to serve on the board to help maintain a strong connection between Tech and Library projects and OpenCUNY.
  • Jared Simard (a.k.a canes)
    Program: Classics
    Statement: As the current DSC Co-Chair for Communications I am uniquely aware of issues coming from both OpenCUNY users and from within the context of the GC administration’s own priorities on digital media.  I have overseen both current coordinators while on the DSC Steering committee and look forward to continuing to make OpenCUNY a premier resource for GC students.
  • Suzanne Tamang (a.k.a. stamang)
    Program: Computer Science
    Statement: During her time at GC, Suzanne has worked to improve resources for students and is a strong advocate for the more appropriate allocation of Student Tech Fee dollars.   Currently, she uses OpenCUNY for both her personal site and for the chartered organization Women in STEM.  As a member of the OpenCUNY Board, she would aspire to help further the mission of a medium that she appreciates in that it’s founded in good software principles, enables creative expression, helps students perform and present research, and makes planning student events simple.


New Terms of Participation

September 8, 2011 in Feature, Terms of Participation

After many months of discussion, voting, more discussion, and then more voting . . . we’re pleased to announce the OpenCUNY Terms of Participation. The Terms of Participation (ToP) are the official governance policy of that all participants must abide by.

The ToP were drafted and unanimously approved by the OpenCUNY Board on 03/24/2011. On 04/15/2011, the draft ToP was approved by a majority of OpenCUNY participants and sent to the DSC Plenary for ratification. On 05/13/2011, the ToP was officially ratified by the DSC Plenary.

The ToP can and will be modified each academic year. Please send any questions, thoughts, or concerns to one of the OpenCUNY Coordinators or a member of the OpenCUNY Board.

Terms of Participation: Vote Now!

April 14, 2011 in OpenCUNY Board, Terms of Participation

The Terms of Participation have now been approved by the OpenCUNY Committee:

At this juncture we are seeking approval from OpenCUNY participants so that we may send these terms on to the DSC Plenary for ratification. If you have concerns about the Terms of Participation as currently drafted, we encourage you to get in touch with either of the OpenCUNY Coordinators, or the OpenCUNY Committee. This is an ongoing process and we will take all concerns into account in the next revision (just as we did with this one).

All current students with an OpenCUNY account are eligible to vote and briefly comment on the Terms of Participation on VoteNet:

Voting is currently open and will remain open until noon on Friday, April 15.

Terms of Participation: 1st Draft

March 21, 2011 in OpenCUNY Board, Terms of Participation

The first draft of our Terms of Participation is now available for public viewing:

This draft has not yet been approved by OpenCUNY participants, the OpenCUNY Committee, or the DSC Plenary. We are posting this draft solely for public viewing and participant feedback.

Please send any questions, thoughts, or concerns to the OpenCUNY Coordinators or a member of the OpenCUNY Committee. Your feedback will be incorporated into the next revision of this document, before it is formally submitted to OpenCUNY participants and the DSC Plenary for final approval.

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