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OpenCUNY Spring 2015 Welcome; Come Celebrate with Us This Friday!

To welcome everyone back into the semester and celebrate the hopefully imminent coming of better weather, OpenCUNY is throwing a spring party this Friday, February 27, from 5-8pm in Room 5414. There will be drinks, food, and socializing with OpenCUNY participants (i.e. you and your colleagues!) and coordinators. Even if you haven’t yet joined OpenCUNY, you’re …

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We Need Your Voice: Reviewing, Commenting, and Approving Our Proposed Terms of Participation

Since 2008, OpenCUNY has been the student-organized, open-source, participatory digital media platform for The Graduate Center, CUNY community. In its participatory nature, every person who signs up with OpenCUNY is a participant, not a user. Our guiding policy, the Terms of Participation, aims to empower participants and let them retain the rights to the content …

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OpenCUNY Survey: Looking Forward!

OpenCUNY is launching its first survey ( and wants to know what you think about the current and future OpenCUNY! Background: OpenCUNY was founded in 2008 as a participatory medium. What makes us unique from other digital platforms is that we have a Terms of Participation, not a terms of use. This is not merely …

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Nominations for the 2013-14 OpenCUNY Board

Nominations for the 2013-14 OpenCUNY Board are now open (until February 28th, 11:59 p.m.). To place a nomination, you must be a registered participant of To nominate yourself or another OpenCUNY participant to the OpenCUNY Board, click the following link to the DSC eBallot nomination site and follow the login instructions: ABOUT THE BOARD: The OpenCUNY Board consists …

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Say Hello to Your New 2012-13 OpenCUNY Board

OpenCUNY Board elections were conducted in the spring, and four new Board members have been elected. John, Christina, Jared, and Suzanne join us, the two OpenCUNY Coordinators, in reviewing and continuing development of the Terms of Participation that function as OpenCUNY’s governance document. For more information on how the Board is composed and run, please see the …

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Nominations Open for 2011-12 OpenCUNY Board

Nominations for the 2011-12 OpenCUNY Board are now open (until 10/8). To nominate yourself or another OpenCUNY participant to the Board, please fill out the Nomination Form at ABOUT THE BOARD: The OpenCUNY Board ( ) consists of the two OpenCUNY Coordinators and four participants. The OpenCUNY Board determines governance policies for The primary task of the OpenCUNY Board will be …

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Nominations & Elections for 2011-12 OpenCUNY Board

The 2011-2012 OpenCUNY Board Nominations will be held from 10/01/11 to 10/08/11. The 2011-2012 OpenCUNY Board Elections will be held from 10/22/11 to 10/29/11. See also or contact the OpenCUNY Coordinators for more information. Nominations are now open!

New Terms of Participation

After many months of discussion, voting, more discussion, and then more voting . . . we’re pleased to announce the OpenCUNY Terms of Participation. The Terms of Participation (ToP) are the official governance policy of that all participants must abide by. The ToP were drafted and unanimously approved by the OpenCUNY Board on 03/24/2011. …

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Terms of Participation: Vote Now!

The Terms of Participation have now been approved by the OpenCUNY Committee: At this juncture we are seeking approval from OpenCUNY participants so that we may send these terms on to the DSC Plenary for ratification. If you have concerns about the Terms of Participation as currently drafted, we encourage you to get in …

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Terms of Participation: 1st Draft

The first draft of our Terms of Participation is now available for public viewing: This draft has not yet been approved by OpenCUNY participants, the OpenCUNY Committee, or the DSC Plenary. We are posting this draft solely for public viewing and participant feedback. Please send any questions, thoughts, or concerns to the OpenCUNY Coordinators or …

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