2013: Make it an awesome year with OpenCUNY!

In 2012, you were all were integral in helping our system grow bigger and brighter through increased traffic, new themes and plugins (many requested by you!), more social media involvement, etc.

We’re looking forward to growing with you this year and wanted to quickly remind you of some of our services:

  • Want a new look and nothing quite fits?
    If none of our 50+ curated themes work for what you’re trying to achieve, take a look at the themes available through the WordPress directory and shoot us a theme request. If the theme’s free, open-source, and works with our system, we’ll install it for everyone to enjoy! Newer, recently updated themes have the best chance of success!
  • Want to teach your old dog new tricks?
    Our 100+ plugins help your sites move and groove and do all the fun stuff beyond the basics. If there’s something you’re trying to achieve and we don’t have the plugin for it, take a gander at all the plugins in the WordPress directory and send us a plugin request. The words of advice that apply to theme requests also fit here!
  • Want to connect more with others?
    The OpenCUNY Node collates all public posts and sends them off to our Twitter and Facebook feeds. Follow us on Twitter and/or like us on Facebook to keep tabs on all the awesome projects of fellow graduate students in the social media platform(s) of your choosing.

These are a just few ways to deepen and improve your OpenCUNY experience. As always, be in contact with us with any questions or concerns, so that we can help facilitate your multimedia visions and schemes!

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