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Final Thoughts

The most beneficial part of this project has been reading and commenting on each other’s work, along with sharing literature,…

Meeting #5

Final Meeting: Last revisions to case studies. Final comments on each other’s work. Collaboration on introduction/summation. Combined bibliography created. Timeline…


Reading, commenting, and uploading case studies to open cuny.

Case Studies Done

All case studies sent to group.

Shuffling and Repeating Beyond the Page

American Quarterly publishes a handy blog that features supplementary materials to accompany each issue. My recent contribution to the March…

CAE Presents Two Self Defense Classes

Hello Friends, The Center for Anti-Violence Education Presents two self defense classes. One for women on Monday at 4PM in…

Meeting #4

Agenda: Decision to work together on a day leading up to the deadline. Followed by a BBQ. Everyone is stressed…

Testing SoundCloud embed feature

Just testing the sound cloud embed feature.

Case Study Deadline

Everyone was to email case studies to the group. Some of us were still working and needed extra time.

Calculus 1

1. Syllabus(pdf) Textbook Single Variable Calculus: Early Transcendentals, 8th Edition, by James Stewart.(ISBN: 978-1-305-27033-6) About the Course Mathematics 1201 is…

Meeting #3

Agenda: No more conclusion. Let’s have the commentary on case studies work to tie things together in a way that…

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