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Participate in OpenCUNYThe OpenCUNY Academic Medium was formed in early 2008 to provide student organized, open-source, social media for the CUNY Graduate Center community. In 2009, OpenCUNY was ratified as a medium of the Doctoral Students’ Council of the City University of New York to recognize the on-going interest of GC students in free and open-source digital media and to advocate on behalf of their interest within the CUNY-wide technological environment (see DSC Bylaw 4.3).

OpenCUNY currently operates with a staff of three coordinators who oversee day-to-day operations. OpenCUNY participants annually elect four of their own to serve on the OpenCUNY Board. Together, the coordinators and the OpenCUNY Board develop a Terms of Participation that defines OpenCUNY.org’s governance policy.

To date, OpenCUNY has worked with GC students to develop interactive open-source environments for chartered organizations, student associations, GC-based courses, student-run conferences, graduate research, health initiatives, student activism, personal websites, and an array of DSC initiatives.

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